yurt life

Are you attracted by off-grid, self-sufficient living but not sure if you can hack it? Are you keen to escape the cold Northern European winter and try out sunny southern Europe living?

Maybe you have some money saved, or you have the opportunity to take a sabbatical, or you are a digital nomad or have flexible work. 

This might be the opportunity for you, please read on. 

90 days off-grid experience 


  • Fully furnished, fully insulated hand-built Mongolian yurt
  • Log burning stove
  • Shaded outdoor living area
  • Outdoor kitchen with small electric fridge, gas burner hob and gas grill
  • Outdoor  bathroom with composting toilet and solar-powered hot shower
  • 10 square metre sunny area to grow vegetables with access to  irrigation water



Twice weekly training sessions in off-grid survival including:

  • Bushcraft skills including fishing, fire-making ,shelter build, hunting 
  • Organic vegetable garden-building 
  • Tree care and fruit harvesting
  • Irrigation and rainwater harvest 
  • Animal husbandry 
  • Basic solar electrics 
  • Composting and soil health 
  • Digital nomad income generation 
  • Preserves, pickling etc.
  • Baking 
  • Soap and detergent making 
  • First aid and medical survival 


  • A host of holistic healing and therapies locally 
  • Several places of worship and spiritual connection including a Sufi Dergah and Zawia
  • Hiking 
  • Biking
  • Water sports
  • Swimming pool 

Please get in touch for more information for the 2025 programme. Alternatively if you are interested in a shorter, more intensive programme we can tailor packages to suit your interests, just ask.